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Angel wine glass charm
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Time for a Cuppa
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Wine Glass Charms & Stitch Markers

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For those of you who do not now what these are, here is an explanation.
Have you ever been to a party and put your glass down to head to the dance floor, then realised there are a few glasses with the same colour contents? A Wine Glass Charm goes around the stem of a glass, each one in the set is different either by colour or design. All you have to do is remember which charm you have around the stem of your glass and you will find your drink with ease.

Matching napkin rings are now also available with your wine glass charms. An individual napkin ring is 5, purchase one with a 3 wine glass charm and pay only 7.50 - buy 10 or more sets (worth 75) for only 70 that is a saving of another 50p per set.

These charms are the perfect addition for any celebration

If you are planning a wedding then why not order a set for the top table in the colours to match your theme. There are a few different styles of heart charms available and cover everything from Bride, Groom, Mother of the Bride etc through to Mum, Step Daughter and many more.

All Wedding charms are currently 3. Order 10 or more in sets or individual and the price goes down to 2.50 per charm, perfect for the top table sets.
Discounts are available on larger quantities

I can also make charms to match a theme so why not order sets for the guests' tables.

Please note: These style of these charms are my own particular design so DO NOT break the  Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 by copying them.
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boxed set of wine glass charms
individualyl packaged
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